16 Of The Worst TV Moms Of All-Time

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We’ve all felt like a shitty mom at least once or twice, right? Some days I feel like the worst mom in the world, tbh. It’s a lot to handle! But if you ever want to feel validated in your success as a mom, just turn on your TV. Not just for entertainment, but to know that no matter how bad you miffed the day, at least you weren’t as bad as the moms on our list of the 16 worst TV moms of all-time. Sure, you might have made your kid cry today. But did you kill his wife? No? Then you’re good!

The worst TV moms of all time have quite a bit in common: they will throw anyone under the bus who dares stand in their way, they aren’t above breaking the law a little (or a lot) to get what they want, and they make all of our bad days look a little less … bad. There are plenty of ways we can mess up when it comes to being a mom. But really, forgetting your kid’s lunch or school assembly is a far cry from actually trying to murder them. We’re good, you guys.

1st on the list of worst TV moms: Julie Cooper from The O.C.

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Julie Cooper took gold-digging to new heights on The O.C. Julie came from the “wrong side of the tracks”, and cemented her spot in the upper echelons of Orange County when she married financial planner Jimmy Cooper. But don’t think Julie was in it for love – Jimmy had a lot of zeroes in his bank balance, and Julie nabbed him with a pregnancy at pregnancy when she was just 18. Becoming a mother didn’t exactly change her, though. At various points during the show, she slept with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, married her friend’s dad, and keeps clawing her way back to the top, where she thinks she belongs.

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