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The 7 Worst Things About Being A Work-At-Home Parent

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work-at-home-momFor a lot of people, working at home seems like the ideal set up and I have to admit there are a lot of luxuries. You don’t have to spend money commuting or buying lunches, you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as you don’t have a video conference, you get to work however and wherever you want to, and your schedule is much more flexible than it would be otherwise. There are downsides, though, especially if you have little people running around demanding their share of your attention. It can be easy to forget about all of the great perks when you are knee deep in deadlines and stressed to the max.

Daycare for my kids would cost more than I make each month, so I keep them home with me every day and it’s definitely a challenge. Being able to write and do what I love makes me feel incredibly fulfilled, but my kids give fewer than zero shits about that. They want their Goldfish crackers and they want them now! Keeping everyone happy and still doing the best work I can is a careful balancing act, and I’m sure that’s something to which every working parent can relate. Here are seven of the hardest things about being a work-at-home parent:

1. You’re always doing 7 things at once


There aren’t enough hours in the day to separate everything out, so you are constantly busy and only ever giving a tiny portion of your attention to anything you’re doing. Sure, maybe you just accidentally filled a baby bottle with coffee, but you noticed before anything bad happened. Nothing to see here. Look away.

2. There’s no time to eat


Meals pretty much happen in front of the computer, if at all. I never understood the whole “I forgot to eat” phenomenon, but now I totally get it. Oh, also I’m hungry. All the time.

3. Everything is always a mess


The toys. The clutter. The utter insanity. You do what you can to clean up after yourself and keep the kids entertained, but let’s be real here: if anyone comes over unannounced, you’re screwed.

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