Worst Parents In The World Dress Their Toddler Up As A Concentration Camp Victim, Because The Holocaust Is Hilarious

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You know, in surfing through all of my social media accounts and seeing family after family dressed up as characters from Frozen and Marvel Comics, it occurred to me that people could stand to get a little more creative. Those types of costumes are just so…expected. I assume these fine folks (aka Worst Parents EVER)  felt the same way, which is why they reached deep into the recesses of their depraved minds and thought, “By jove, that’s it! We’ll get the whole clan together and dress up in the most disturbing/offensive/insensitive Halloween costumes imaginable! It’ll be a real gas. Like ‘gas chamber’… get it?? Eh? EHH?” *Shudders* I guess they had to top the “Ebola is hilarious” parents somehow.

I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck is wrong with these people? The Hitler uniform and Aryan Nation Mom (that’s how Mom’s costume was described by witnesses) are bad enough, but to dress your TODDLER up as a concentration camp victim?! I’m so disturbed, I can’t stop shaking my head while typing this. What could possibly be the reasoning behind this decision? A tasteless, tone-deaf homage to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? My guess is no.

At the risk of sounding self-righteous and soapbox-y, I think the sad reality here is not only that there are people out there who think this is perfectly okay, but also that there are still human beings out there who bear scars and tattoos from the horror they endured from the Holocaust. Families all over the world are still dealing with the direct effect of it. And because I find it hard to believe an intelligent, rational human being wouldn’t think twice about going out in public dressed like this, I’m forced to assume the nonchalance shown here means they’re probably ignorant, awful people. Here’s hoping that little guy in the stroller doesn’t grow up to be half the jackass both of his parents are.

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