The 5 Worst Types Of Holiday Bragging

Thanksgiving is upon us, and soon after the holiday shopping season will commence (or already has, seeing as every store has been decked out for Christmas since September.) This marks one of the least favorite times of the year: the pre-holiday brag-a-thon. From Black Friday until a few days after Christmas, this is the time of year when people just love to get their brag on.

1. Black Friday Bragging

worst holiday bragging

It starts right after Thanksgiving, when the people who are so inclined run out to make the Black Friday (or is it Black Thursday now?) sales. People’s Facebook and Twitter feeds light up with all the loot they’re bagging. Oh look! A 75 inch television marked down 50 percent! They only had to punch four grandmas in the face to get it! Yay!

2. Social Media Holiday Bragging

worst holiday bragging

It just gets worse at the month goes on. You will see status after status about shopping trips, discounts, and how much money everybody is spending. If it’s not someone bragging about all the cash they’re shelling out, then it’s the other way around, and someone is humble-bragging about the money they saved. Yuck.

3. The “Look how giving I am” brag

worst holiday bragging

There is another type of holiday brag type. The charitable brag. These are the people who do wonderfully charitable things (which I’m not trying to take away from) and turn them into photo opportunities for their social media feeds. Volunteer at a food pantry? Break out the duck lips! Donate clothing to the needy? Make like A Kardashian and pose next to those boxes! If no one likes your “I spent 6 hours at the local soup kitchen” album on Facebook, it’s like it doesn’t count at all, amirite?

4. The Holiday Newsletter aka “The Bragging Times”

worst holiday bragging
Super Agent Fred

Another terrible holiday brag are those awful “Yearly Newsletters” that some people put out. Obviously not everyone who does this is a closet humble-brag-aholic, but you all know what I’m talking about. It’s one thing to write a fun little letter for your friends and family detailing the year you had. It’s another to use said letter as a way to shove your prosperity down everyone’s throat. No one cares that you bought your third vacation home, this time in Spain. Have you seen The Purge? That is what happens to people who humble brag too much. (I kid, I kid).

5. The Under-The-Tree Brag

worst holiday bragging

The very worst type of holiday brag are those epic under-the-tree pics. I’m not talking about your basic picture of the gifts your family is getting the night before. No, I’m talking about the pics where there are so many presents (usually for one kid) that the tree is literally dwarfed. What 6-month-old needs an iPad and an iTouch? NONE.


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