Grab The Popcorn: Discipline Gone Wrong In 2014

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4. Effective discipline is punishing a child who hits another child on the school bus, perhaps with an extra assignment, having to write an apology to the injured party, maybe even a suspension. Abuse is taking the cane of a blind child and replacing it with a flimsy pool noodle. And yet that’s exactly what happened to 8-year-old Dakota Nafzinger. Whether Nafzinger actually struck another child or merely raised the cane and was accused of hitting someone is up for debate. But the fact remains that his school saw fit to punish him by replacing his cane with a pool noodle for two weeks. I sincerely hope administrators saw the stupidity in this decision well before the two week period ran its course, and I would love to see them blindfolded and handed a pool noodle for two weeks to see just how ridiculous this punishment was.

5. Now I know kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but if they did, it’s a given that “Don’t use a stun gun to discipline a child” would be included in all caps. Letina Smith of Kissimmee, Florida was charged with abuse after allegedly using a stun gun on kids in her care who misbehaved. Smith also allegedly forced the children, ages nine, eight and seven to do chair squats against a wall when they acted up and then would punish them with the “electric chair” by using the stun gun if they fell out of position. I taught group fitness classes, so I can say with authority that chair squats are a particular brand of painful to adults who want to be doing them, never mind a child. This had got to be the most shocking (see what I did there) discipline story of the year.

6. A retrospect of discipline gone wrong wouldn’t be complete with some good old-fashioned slut shaming. High school student Miranda Larkin of Oakleaf High School in Orange Park, Florida was forced to wear a neon yellow shirt and bright red sweatpants that said Dress Code Violation on them in huge letters when a school administrator thought her skirt was too short. Because forcing a student to wear a color combination only Ronald McDonald can pull off is obviously less distracting to other students than a few inches of flesh above the knee.

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