World’s Worst Momager Dina Lohan To Star In Reality TV Show ‘DramaMamas’

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dramamamasIt’s bad enough that we have shows like Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms to contend with each week. I mean, how many times can you watch a pathetic, pancake-faced mother exploit her precious little daughter for all the world to see? Apparently, a lot. Which explains why Dina Lohan – momager to Lindsay Lohan and little sis Ali – has just been given her own reality TV show. Called DramaMamas, the as-yet unsold “documentary series” will follow around young hopefuls and their horrible stage moms as they launch a Broadway-bound musical. (Excuse me while I vomit.)

“There is nothing more important to me than a parent standing behind their child and helping them fulfill their dreams,” Dina told Celebuzz. Could she be any more ridiculous? Last I checked, Dina was the queen of exploitation (along with ex-husband Michael Lohan). The two of them are quite a pair, actually. They’re not so much into parenting as landing their daughters in the tabloids whenever humanly possible. Which is just plain sad.

And now Dina will take that attitude to national television in an attempt to ruin even more young lives. According to Celebuzz, production for the series begins this weekend and will run through the summer. Filming will take place at The White Plains Performing Arts Center’s theater company, where producers promise to take viewers on a “roller coaster adventure” (yippee!).