World’s Craftiest Children Trick Dad Into Taking Them to School Dressed as Transformers

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There’s no con artist so shameless as a small child pulling one over on their parents, and when you have two teamed up against you, you’re basically doomed. One father learned that the hard way this week when his very small sons tricked him into letting them go to school dressed as Woody from Toy Story and Optimus Prime.

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(Via Twitter/Geraint Goodridge)

Welsh dad Geraint Goodridge was getting his kids ready for school last week when six-year-old Harrison and five-year-old Reuben informed him that it was “Fancy Dress Day” at school. (Fancy dress being British-speak for “costume”). So Goodridge got the kids all dressed up. Harrison wore his full Transformer outfit, and Reuben dressed up as Woody from Toy Story.

Goodridge heard giggling in the back seat as he drove to school, but he thought nothing of it until he pulled up to the school and realized he was driving Woody and Optimus Prime around, and none of the other kids at school were in costumes. That was when he realized he’d been pranked.

“My boys told me it was fancy dress in school yesterday,” he Tweeted. “Got them to school. WASNT FANCY DRESS. Kids 1 daddy 0.”

Those kids are hilarious little geniuses, and I love how pleased little Reuben looks aboutpulling up to school in his costume. I assume Harrison is as chuffed to be wearing his costume, but you can’t really tell behind the plastic mask.

I just know this is going to be me in a few years, because I fall for everything. I’m a reasonably intelligent adult human being, but I will pretty much believe anything a person tells me if they repeat it three times. I’m always like, “There’s no way that’s true. There’s no way that’s true. Well, they said it a third time. Now it must be true! Nobody would bother lying about something more than two times in a row! That’d be insane.”

I am tricked a lot.

The teacher also thought it was hilarious when a bewildered Goodridge showed up and said, “It’s fancy dress, isn’t it?” According to Goodridge, the teacher was laughing so hard at the kids’ prank she was practically in tears.

The kids were already at school, so they got to keep their costumes on all day. $20 says some of their classmates tried to pull this the next day and failed.

Goodridge says the kids are always trying to play pranks on him. They’re so close in age, so they are very close and like to team up on their dad. Poor Goodridge never stood a chance.