World’s Best Babysitter Dressed Like a Mermaid for a Grieving Kid

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I was a pretty good babysitter back in the day. I’d play endless rounds of board games, push kids for hours on swings, and let my little charges pig out on junk food, all while keeping them safe. There’s a babysitter in Florida who has easily surpassed me in the babysitting department. Fifteen-year-old Keegan Carnahan of Florida has been awarded my official “World’s Best Babysitter” crown by dressing up as a mermaid for a little girl who is grieving the loss of her father.

Alidy, Keegans’s three-year-old babysitting charge, lost her father back in November. Her mom, Jenna Haslam, told BuzzFeed that the little girl has worn a costume every day since her dad died. Oh, sweet baby.

According to babysitter Keegan, “Alidy had decided to wear her little mermaid outfit around the house that day and I thought it would be a fun surprise to bring out mine for her bathtime.” Keegan, who’d acquired a mermaid tail when she was 12 (“I was going through a phase.” LOL), got in the tub with Alidy while they were both in full mermaid gear.

Look at her faaaaaaaaace!

Alidy’s mom said that her daughter is convinced that her babysitter is an actual mermaid, and wants to have pink hair just like her. About Keegan’s matching costume, Haslam said, “Nobody ever matches with her,” Haslam said. “She finally found someone to connect with again.”

It warms my cold, dead heart that this little girl has found someone to connect with in such a hard, difficult time. Keegan, if you ever decide to be a traveling babysitter, please let me know. I have some kids who would just adore you!