30 Things Working Moms Should Know By The Time They Hit 30

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She knows the learning never ends.

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She knows she’s not perfect. She doesn’t know it all and doesn’t pretend to. Instead, she’s a dedicated learner in every part of her life. This kind of woman grows at work when something comes up she hasn’t dealt with before. She reads parenting books and blogs to see how other people do it, how to handle a problem at home with as much finesse as she can muster. She says, “I don’t know,” because she knows that doesn’t mean she’s lacking. It means she has something to study. By the time you’re 30, you and she are the same. You’ve mastered the quick search and don’t shy away from explainer videos or life hacks. You don’t mind your kids knowing you’re not an expert in everything. After all, you wouldn’t want to raise a little know it all either. Those kids are the worst.

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