24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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Vaccines were fewer and farther between. And the anti-vax debate? Pretty much nonexistent.

needle vaccine

Image: NBC

Whether it’s because fewer people felt like vaccines were dangerous or people simply didn’t have the outlets to blast their opinions, our parents didn’t deal with the vaccinate/don’t vaccinate paradigm that so many of us do. In fact, they dealt with doctor visits less all around. In the mid 80’s only seven vaccines were regularly given to healthy children. Now, that number is almost doubled at 13. We’re lucky that there’re more preventatives for our kids than we had (which equates to less time operating while ill), but we do have to deal with the additional stress of extra doctor visits. No one likes those; not the kids, not the moms that are stuck hauling them there against their developing but very vocal wills.

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