24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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No internet? No Problem!

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Image: LeVar Burton Kids

Most of us grew up without the internet because it wasn’t a household commodity yet. If we did have computers they were the clunky, desk eating variety that once filled the Best Buys of a bygone era. If we had a childhood of internet use, we remember the telltale sound of logging in with dial-up. The internet then was a way to share information and research school projects, not a hotbed of x-rated ads and creepy apps that let professional weirdos link directly to kids. Our parents didn’t have to worry about our online identities because we didn’t have one. Now, we have to monitor what our kids are doing online, who’s reaching out to them, and what kind of images they’re being influenced by on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and a myriad of others.

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