24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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Breastfeeding? Who cares?

milk simpsons

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In the 1920s, breastfeeding numbers tanked. Mothers had access to refrigeration, and corporations started taking advantage of cheaper marketing and technological advancements. Thus, moms stopped breastfeeding and the majority (maybe as many as three of four), used prepackaged formula to feed their kids. This remained true into the 70s and 80s, meaning most of us of childbearing age now weren’t breastfed or at least weren’t breastfed long or exclusively. While we know it’s healthier for both babies and moms to take advantage of nature’s little gift, the mommy wars around feeding didn’t exist for our own mothers. There was no mommy shaming for moms that couldn’t produce. The expectations simply weren’t there. Mom could have a baby, go back to work, and not have to pump in the bathroom.

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