24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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No worrying about violence in toys

peace and violence

Image: Julie Winegard

Our mothers gave us toys like G.I. Joes and He-Man. We shot at each other with water guns and didn’t think twice about the implications of having large scale battles with our soldier toys. Now though, parents worry incessantly about what they’re teaching their kids and the values each gifted toy instills. Yet, we know the opposite extreme is out there as well, with kids playing first person shooter games with overly realistic blood and gore splashing on their screens. We have to monitor these things, just like the dads in this Mommyish piece do via their grassroots app. Our violence was contained to Dinobots and Power Rangers. Seriously, those mighty morphin’ ninjas were the best and beat out Paw Patrol by leaps and bounds.

Which of these things do you wish you could do like your mom? Tell us in the comments!

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