24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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No pain, lots of gain

birth veep

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In the 70s, mamas gave birth via ‘twilight sleep’, a method in which doctors anesthetized women during the whole of the labor and delivery process. Moms were brought to when the baby was ready to be placed in their arms. Many mothers recall having no memory of the event or the pain. They simply woke up and “met” their babies. All this happened with Dad out of the room, usually waiting in the lobby with cigars on hand. Then, in the 80’s, nitrous oxide became the popular and common method of pain relief during labor. This was set aside in the United States for the epidural, but many countries including Canada and the UK still use it. Now, mothers are faced with the crowds crowing the benefits of “natural” delivery, IE delivery unassisted by pain meds. If you ask us, any delivery is “natural.” Did a baby come out of you in some form? Yep, natural. However, this is a topic the mommy wars rage over.

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