24 Ways Our Working Mothers Had It Easier Than We Do

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Comparison wasn’t the name of the game

judgement arrested development

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We pluggged-in mothers use the internet the same way Japanese mamas use school lunch edo boxes to compare and judge one another. It’s true, even if you try not to take part in the never ending mommy wars. We look at each other’s perfectly posed pictures. We hear whose kids made honor role. We see holiday ornaments made out of baby’s newborn mementos and think to ourselves, “How the hell does she have time to do that?” The thing is, most of us only post the perfect version of ourselves on social media. We see these other moms’ curated family life and think that in comparison, we’re on the sucking end of the spectrum. We’re not, probably not by a long shot. Yet, the perils of comparison or oversharing are stresses we deal with everyday that our mothers had in much smaller, more localized doses.

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