20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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You’re An Email Savant

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You communicate with everyone over email, mostly because you can’t take a thousand calls during your busy workday. This means that you’ve figured out the preferred platform for talking to the kids’ teachers, doctor’s offices, and coaches via email or other digital means. You know the apps for parents in the school district. Maybe you’re even part of a Facebook group that lets parents carpool. Just like you pay your bills through mobile banking, you manage your children’s schedules and needs using your electronics. You’re so good at mastering the nonverbal communiques you’ve probably even sent out invitations or cards online because you know that efficiency matters. The Huffington Post featured some research about just this phenomenon. It quoted a Wireless Network Quality Performance study that said, “wireless usage patterns continue to evolve, as fewer calls are being made or received. On average, wireless customers use 450 minutes per month, a decline of 77 minutes from 527 in 2009.” You know what you have time for and what can be relegated to quick email exchanges.

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