20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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You’ve Tried To Rush Kids Out The Door, Without Giving Them Anxiety

Scrooged get outta here

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Kids have no sense of time, that’s one thing any parent trying to get anywhere knows. Their socks aren’t right. Their hair needs more attention. They’re suddenly hungry despite whatever you just watched them wolf down. Working moms have places to be and schedules that may not always accommodate a kid’s attempt to put off going to school or daycare. Therefore, moms have developed coping mechanisms to try to get their kids out the door expediently but without heaping undo stress on them. No one wants to have the kid with belly aches in the mornings because getting ready is such a stressful time. On the flip side, no one wants to be fired because there’s not a single day where mama’s not late. Have you tried bribing them out the door or threatening them with impending tardy slips? Yeah, those are all signs you’re for sure a career mom. Don’t feel guilty. We all do it at one time or another. It’s like we’ve given birth to sloth/human hybrids sometimes.

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