20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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You’ve Whipped Out Pictures Of Your Kids, Whether Your Co-Workers Really Care Or Not

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That’s right; you tote around either physical or digital pics of your kids and family everywhere you go. That means that when that co-worker asked in passing what your kids dressed up as for Halloween or how they liked Christmas, you flash your photos proudly whether they really wanted to see the photos or not. Your office may be a shrine to your family milestones, or you may keep those school yearbook wallets contained, but you’ve definitely shown them around. Go ahead, Mama! You should feel like boasting about your greatest accomplishments, and a happy, healthy family surely is one of them. Plus, other parents know how rare it is to get pictures in which everyone’s eyes are open, and no one looks like they’re wearing stains from the last spaghetti dinner. Pass around those recital videos and post those vacation pics if that’s your jam. No one should judge you for your several memory books worth of memories kept constantly at hand. We’re all guilty.

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