20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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You’ve Come To Realize Sick Days Means Someone’s Sick, But It’s Probably Not You


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Before kids, sick days might have meant something totally different. They were personal days when you’d stayed up too late the night before, days when the type of sick you were was of the hungover variety, or simply days when your significant other had off, and you wanted to chill. Now though, you’ve come to realize that sick days mean somebody’s unwell, but it’s most likely not you. Either your kids are puking, or running fevers or your partner has a fatal version of the man cold that needs constant nursing attention. After all, the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation found in 2017 that, “among mothers, about three-quarters report that they are the ones who usually take charge of health care responsibilities such as choosing their children’s provider (79%), taking them to appointments (77%), and following through with recommended care (77%), compared to approximately a fifth of fathers who report they take care of these tasks.” Thus, sick days equate to you running around doling out medicine and checking temperatures.

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