20 Signs You’re Definitely A Working Mom

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Your car is packed with shoe changes

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Really, what mama’s car is sparkling clean? If you’re a working mama and your car looks a lot like your makeshift closet, you’re right with the pack. You know that going home and kicking your feet up, a glass of wine in hand, is mostly a dream. You have places to go, kids to see, and an implied social life because of those little people you spouted into the world. That means that your array of sneakers, pumps, boots, and flip flops may all have taken permanent residence in your backseat or trunk so that you can change as needed. You don’t want to trip yourself up climbing bleachers in your work shoes, nor do you want to stand in the gross weather waiting for school to get out in your good heels. You’re prepared, even if it looks a bit chaotic to outside eyes. Your significant other may have made quips about the array of options you drive around with as well as their decided lack in organization, but you know the truth. You’re messy because you are prepared, and the time it would take to organize it as it requires would be better spent hanging out with the kids.

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