Working Mom Shows How She Would Handle Her Kids Crashing a BBC Interview

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(Facebook/Jono and Ben)

This week’s most viral (non-political) story has undoubtedly been the father whose BBC interview was interrupted by his two adorable children. Dozens of moms across the internet have especially been sharing the hilarious video, in solidarity with the working dad. But one comedy show is taking it a step further by posting their own video of how differently a mom would have handled that situation–and it is freaking hilarious.

The video comes from Jono and Ben, a comedy show based in New Zealand, and features a woman answering questions about political issues in South Korea while tending to her ever-busy life. Much like the original video with Professor Robert Kelly, a toddler bursts into the room, dancing and seeking out attention.

Instead of looking even the least bit flustered as Kelly did, though, or waiting for someone else to help her, the woman in the video takes matters into her own hands. She quickly picks up the little girl and starts feeding her a bottle. And when her baby pops in to play as well, she simply hands the tot a toy to go play with. More importantly, the woman never misses a beat in her answers.

But wait, there’s more. Next, the mom in the video begins to do all the household chores that so often end up being taken up by even the busiest of working mothers: baking a chicken, scrubbing a toilet, steam cleaning her laundry. By this point, most dads might have lost their minds but the woman doesn’t even seem the least bit bothered.

The video may be a spoof, but it’s totally on the nose about how much working mothers are expected to take on. Even the (male) interviewer apologizes, adding ,”You do look rather busy there. We can reschedule.”

The mom won’t even hear of it though, and finishes up the interview even after (presumably) her husband interrupts to ask her if she’s seen his sock. Hilarious, even if it does hit a little too close to home for many of us. Watch the entire thing below: