Your Work Husband Is Ruining Your Marriage


Have you heard of a work husband before? Maybe you have one. For me, a work husband brings me back to the adorable pre-romance of Jim and Pam on The Office: Opposite sex office best friends that spend all of their time together without any strings attached. Well, spoiler alert””Jim and Pam ended up married with two kids, which puts the whole notion of the “work husband” to shame.

I’ve heard many a married woman joke about her work husband, both online and in real life. Currently, my husband and I work together at home, so it’s technically impossible for me to have a work husband. My work husband is my real husband and my real husband is my work husband, and it works out just fine.

I personally am anti-work husband. I’m very proud of the honesty that my husband and I have in our relationship. The only reason that I can be so proud of it is because I have had to work really, really hard to be honest. Like, we are honest about everything””whether it’s pleasant or not.

We have also both agreed that, yes, emotional affairs do count. When you look at what characterizes a work husband, it screams “emotional affair” to me. Even the semblance of an emotional affair is a huge no-no in my book.

Does your work husband bring you breakfast? Do you share inside jokes? Are you comfortable enough to point out if there is food in his teeth? Do you immediately get together after meetings to talk about what went down? And most importantly”¦Does your work husband know how you like your coffee?

While a work husband sounds cute, I don’t like it. If I ever work in a real office again (and I have worked in the real world before), I’m going to run away from a potential work spouse like my pants are on fire. If I wouldn’t do it in front of my husband, I’m not going to do it at work.

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