This Illustrator Drew Wonder Woman With Body Hair, and a Lot of People Freaked Out

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People tend to get really freaked out by the sight of women with body hair. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, because women just have body hair. Men have body hair, and nobody freaks out about that. Now one illustrator is celebrating No Shave November by drawing Wonder Woman with visible body hair, and reactions are decidedly mixed.

No-Shave November, sometimes called Movember, is an event where people stop shaving for the month of November to raise awareness and funds for cancer. Sometimes people just grow mustaches, sometimes they stop shaving entirely. Participants are urged to donate the money they’d normally spend on hair-removal to cancer research.

CafeMom’s Kathleen Wong spoke with India-based artist Raikchak Ha Reang, who said he picked Wonder Woman for his illustrations because she’s a role model.

” … Wonder Woman was the perfect choice for it since she is strong, independent, fearless, and brave, and an inspiration to many,” he said. “Even superheroes don’t get time to take care of themselves always.”

One of the pictures even shows Diana with her underarm hair shaved into a bat symbol. (The Wonder Woman / Batman chemistry was one of the best parts of Justice League Unlimited.)

People felt very strongly about the illustrations. Many hated them, of course. The idea that women are supposed to be perfectly smooth and hairless has been marketed so heavily since the 1920s that people feel like it’s just a human truth.

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