Women’s Health Experts Speak Out: Hilarious ‘Funny Or Die’ Video Tackles Birth Control Debate

women's health expertsWhen you hear the words “women’s health experts,” you don’t exactly think of middle-aged men in suits. But that’s precisely who’s trying to control our reproductive rights here in the U.S. middle-aged men in suits (a.k.a. politicians). And let me tell you, it’s highly disturbing (“Personhood” alone is cringe-worthy).

This explains why I’m loving this Funny Or Die video called “Women’s Health Experts Speak Out.” It stars Nick Offerman, Judd Nelson, Tim Meadows and Ray Wise, and it’s worth checking out for their deadpan delivery alone. These guys claim to be experts on women’s reproductive health and, in a case of art imitating life, there’s not a single woman to be found. Oh, and they sound like total assholes.

Let’s just say it’s funny because it’s true.

[funnyordie video=”251fa6410b”]

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