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10 Most WTF Responses To ‘Why Don’t You Use Birth Control?’ From All Over The Internet

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6. “Because I can control myself.”

Contrary to popular opinion, birth control does not make you run around like an unneutered chihuahua, humping everything in sight.


7. “Because it treats the symptoms, not the problem.”

So in this reference, the symptom is fertility and the problem is sex? Or the symptom is sex drive and the problem is fertility? What came first, the chicken or the egg?


8. “Because children are NOT an inconvenience – they’re a gift!”

Funny, I can’t think of anything more inconvenient than an unplanned pregnancy.


9. “Because babies are cooler than pets!”

This is so not true. Our dog loves us all day long and doesn’t whine and sleeps through the night. He’s way cooler than a kid.


10. “Because the ability to create life is a superpower that I’m proud to have.”

Me too, but – so? You can still create life on your terms.

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