Woman To Live Stream Baby’s Home Birth – And I Won’t Be Tuning In!

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I’ll admit it: When it came time to watch the video of a woman giving birth during my “Moms To Be” prenatal course, I turned away. Actually, I left the room, if we’re being completely honest. Yes, I was pregnant. And, yes, I would soon be lying spread eagle pushing out my own little bundle. But, really, I don’t need to see some sweaty woman with a 70s bush grunt and moan while bringing new life into this world. It’s a miracle, yes, but not one I care to witness first-hand – unless it’s my own (and, even then, I’m happy to be spared the play-by-play).

So you can imagine my surprise when I heard about Nancy Salgueiro –an Ottawa mother of two who plans to live stream the birth of her third child on the internet for the world to see. Salgueiro, who is due next week, intends to have a home birth. The chiropractor and childbirth educator told CTV News, “I really feel it’s important for young women to see what normal natural birth, undisturbed by anything, can be like.”

According to CTV, Salgueiro will have two midwives in the room along with a friend who’ll record the birth. Her two-year-old son Taivus will cut the umbilical cord (Taivus’s older brother cut his).

The concept of women posting videos of their deliveries online is nothing new. But it’s rare to hear of someone live streaming their baby’s birth, which as the name suggests, is live. As Salgueiro explains, “When it’s live you can check in and see how things are progressing.” Uh, thanks, but no thanks.

Those interested in watching Salgeuiro’s home birth can pre-register on her website.

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(Photo: Zdenek Fiamoli/Shutterstock)