Woman Threatens to Get Abortion for Retweets, and That’s Not the Most Effed Up Thing About This Pregnancy Announcement

Remember when Twitter launched in 2006 and everybody used it to tell people what they were eating for lunch? Well it’s been a wild 11 years, and Twitter is now a tremendous instrument of social change, and also host of some batshit drama and performance art. Now a young woman is going viral after posting a pregnancy announcement and a woman threatens to get abortion unless she got enough retweets, and the resulting Twitter thread somehow just got more insane from there.

A Twitter user going by Saipainting posted this photo, ostensibly of herself showing off a baby bump.


“4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t abort it,” she wrote.

That Twitter account started in April, but the oldest Tweet on it is from last week. She previously had a bit of viral success writing “Rihanna who?” on a sexy selfie, but the couple hundred retweets she got for that don’t come close to her “Retweet or I’ll get an abortion” situation.

Most people took it for a troll, but a few actually believed her.

But it took a turn for the surreal when another Twitter user purporting to be the father of her baby joined in.

baby abort twitter

This morning I would have said it was impossible to top “4K RTs and I won’t abort it” for the craziest thing aybody had ever written on Twitter, but then the baby’s father came back with a gem for the ages:

baby abort twitter

“You told everyone I died, then you sold my dog for tickets to a Lil Pump concert.”

“You told everyone I died, then you sold my dog for tickets to a Lil Pump concert.”

Someday they’re going to teach Twitter in high school literature classes, and this will be on the midterm right next to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. And if you thought nothing else could top that, just hold on. Another player is about to take the stage in this grand Twitter opera.

Is this real? We will probably never know. But does it matter? I hope it’s not real, because having a baby for retweets is terrible and I don’t want to live in that world. But if she’s faking a pregnancy for retweets, everybody involved got what they wanted. Saipanting got her 4000 RTs, the dude got a bunch of his own, and the rest of Twitter got to watch one of the craziest threads in Twitter history go down in real time.



Good show, everybody.

Do you think this thread is real or fake? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Twitter/Saipanting)

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