Scorned Hopeful Mom Sues Fertility Clinic After Her Partner Runs Off With Clinic Nurse

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fertility doctorWhen it rains, it effing pours, especially for 44-year-old Po Leung who not only recently endured a miscarriage, but also the swift departure of her partner after an affair. To throw even more salt in the wound, Leung’s partner allegedly left her for the fertility nurse who had been over-seeing the couple’s path to conception — for three years. As a result, Leung is now wielding a hefty $400,000 lawsuit and believe me, you don’t want to get in her way.

Sun News reports that Leung and her partner, or “common-law spouse,” Stuart Westcott learned that they were finally pregnant after $60,000 and three years. The very next day, her partner decides to seriously rain on that parade and announces that he is ending their four year relationship to jaunt off with fertility clinic nurse Wendy Shanks, who he allegedly had been having an affair with for “several” years.

Within two weeks of that tremendous loss, Leung suffered a miscarriage which she says was triggered by the affair. But more importantly, she’s reportedly slapping Wendy, the Markham Fertility Centre in Markham, Ontario and the facility’s director Dr. Colette Pyselman, with a lawsuit because she feels her medical records were used as excuses to contact her partner:

“That’s what really hurt me the most – that my health-care professionals, a nurse and a doctor, had so profoundly betrayed me while I was at my most vulnerable,” said Leung…The lawsuit alleges Shanks “abused her position of power, trust and influence as her medical care provider” and exploited that position to pursue a sexual relationship.

“Shanks intentionally used Po’s private medical treatment and information as an excuse to repeatedly contact Stuart and foster an intimate relationship with him, without Po’s knowledge or permission,” the statement of claim says.

And in addition to allegations that her private medical records were used as sexy talking points, Leung also claims that the head doctor attempted to cover for said nurse:

When Leung complained to the Markham clinic’s director, Pyselman relayed that confidential information to Shanks to “warn, protect and defend Shanks and the reputation of the clinic,” the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit says Shanks’ employers “breached their fiduciary duty owed to Po” because they failed to protect her from the harm inflicted by their employee and failed to investigate and report Shanks to the College of Nurses.

Shanks’ employer also failed to take any disciplinary action against her, the lawsuit alleges.

Stuart has wisely, and “respectfully,” declined to comment on the ordeal. Smart dude.

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