If This Woman Can Sue Disney For Plagiarizing Her Life For Frozen, We All Can

frozen-elsaA Latin-American author is suing Disney, saying the company ripped off her autobiographical novel to make their blockbuster film, Frozen. I found her novel. She does have a sister and has been to a cold mountain, so there’s that.

From E News:

Isabella Tanikumi, who also goes by L. Amy Gonzalez, has filed a three-page Federal complaint against the Walt Disney Company saying the company plagiarized her life story to make the blockbuster Frozen, E! News confirms, and is suing the mass media corporation for $250 million.

According to court documents, Tanikumi states that the basis of the popular children’s film was taken from her 2010 autobiography Living My Truth, where Tanikumi writes about growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru.

Here’s a summary of her book, Yearnings of the Heart, that I found on Google Books:

This is a compelling, introspective account of the life of Isabella TaniKumi, who takes her readers on a journey through various phases of her remarkable life- from her family’s survival during the devastating earthquake of 1970 in Huaraz, Peru, to the trials of overcoming heartbreaks of her youth. Conquering personal insecurities led to exploring the reaches of her intellect while facing the tragic, and untimely death of her beloved sister, Laura. Despite language barriers and the consequent obstacles of fitting in, Tanikumi wittily narrates her struggles with her assimilation into American life and culture. Forging many enduring friendships most notably with Julie, who rescued her from the depths of grief. Tanikumi also interweaves a dialogue with her long lost love Eduardo. This novel tacitily and expressly addresses Eduardo as a salient recipient of her reflections. Ultimately, Tanikumi is able to share her gratitude and joy as well as her insatiable thirst for life.

She had a sister. She felt alienated. She had had a hard time fitting in. A girl rescued her from the depths of grief. She fell in love. She finds a renewed interest in life. OH MY GOD, SHE IS ELSA.

Only, we’re all Elsa. That’s the point. That’s the recipe for a Disney film — that it’s a story so relatable that millions of fans will connect to it and sing Let It Go for all of eternity. And buy a bunch of over-priced crap. Her book cover does kinda look like Elsa’s ice castle though, I’ll give her that:


She’s demanding a jury trial. I think this woman is a genius. We all should have jumped on this gravy train a long time ago. A quick few minutes of discussion in the Mommyish offices revealed that Disney has ripped us all off.

Theresa: Well, fuck. I have a sister.

Aimee: Coincidence? I think not.


Theresa: And we don’t really like each other all that much and once when we were little she totally pushed me down on some fucking ice and I twisted my ankle so can I have some dollars please?


Me: I’ve been to a cold mountain.

Aimee: I had a boyfriend who turned out to be a lying asshole. I think I’m Anna.

Theresa: It’s like they were peering into my soul. Also, I like chocolate.

Me: Class action law suit.

Reading through some of her book, I can see where there are parallels. I just think that’s the point of Disney. These themes are not original or new. Feeling alienated, falling in love — these are story lines that are not original and that will be around until the end of time.

(photo: Twitter)

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