Woman Struck By Lightning Gives Birth

Getting struck by lightning must really suck. Getting struck by lightning while pregnant well, that’s just a whole other level of crappy. And yet it happened to a Colorado woman last summer when she was just three months pregnant.

Stephanie Alberti was one of five people hit by lighting while in the stands at a stock car race (she was there cheering on her husband). Alberti was temporarily paralyzed (!) and, like any good mom-to-be, she was worried about her baby throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. It’s not exactly like she had a lot of research or reassurance to fall back on how many pregnant women have been struck by lightning?!

It’s a horrible thing to have to worry about for a seemingly endless six months, especially when your hormones are totally out of whack in the first place. But there’s a happy ending to this nightmarish tale.

Alberti has given birth to a 6 1/2-pound baby girl named Sophia. And Sophia is healthy as can be. (Talk about relief!)

“I’m going to have the lightning bolt at Halloween and she’s going to be the superhero all the time,” said Alberti’s husband, Derek.

Added Stephanie: “We joked when I was pregnant she would have some sort of superhero personality or superhero abilities.”

They plan to tell Sophia about this crazy ordeal one day, when she’s much older. For now, they are no doubt marveling at their healthy little girl.

(Photo: etsy.com)

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