This Woman Got the Best Revenge on a Facebook Scammer, and the Results Are Hilarious

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The Internet is full of scam artists. If you spend any amount of time on Facebook, a prince prince will ask to store his fortune in your bank account for a while. These scams seem completely transparent, but people still fall for them. But recently a woman was approached by a scam artist, and she decided to scam him right back. The results are hilarious.

According to Bored Panda, it all started when a good-looking man named Stephen Masumbo who works at the Nigerian Christian Institute in Lagos, Nigeria, messaged a British woman to say, “Hello sweet lady.”

The British lady he contacted had a bit of spare time and a deeply snarky sense of humor. He had no idea what he was getting into when he asked her if she was married.

The conversation follows, and it is completely nuts.

“Stephen Masumbo” is actually using the photo of famed Nigerian pastor and TV personality Matthew Ashimolowo. Ashimolowo is actually a multi-millionaire who lives in London.

facebook scam

facebook scam

I love where she responds, “I am astonished that the conversation has turned to money.

Somehow, the scammer keeps going. He doesn’t know he’s been made. He asks for $900 so he can fly to Britain to live with her. She agrees, so long as he proves his love by agreeing to stand naked in the garden holding a balloon and rapping Vanilla Ice lyrics.

facebook scam

facebook scam

facebook scam

The scammer seems to be getting exasperated. “Yes, I will stand naked in the garden with a balloon for you. Can you please send the money now?”

After getting him to promise to throw leaves on her during sex and always call her Barbara O’Cumbungle, she relents. She tells him she will go to Western Union and send $900 to his brother, Daniel Ibrahim, at the account number he specified.

This scammer must have thought it was his lucky day.

He starts trying to call her on the phone to confirm she’s going to Western Union, but she responds in tears that the Western Union clerk is being mean to her and insisting there is no such person as Daniel Ibrahim.

The scammer starts to panic.

facebook scam

So she sends him a photo of the “Western Union clerk” who is being so mean to her.

facebook scams

I love that she made props for this.

The scammer must have known he wasn’t getting any money at that point. He started yelling at her and threatening to report her to Facebook, all while insisting that he is a “man of God.”

This is hands-down my favorite part of the exchange:

Facebook scam

He shouts “fuck you no!” and tells her to leave him alone … then comes back later to say, “Hello, are you there?”

The dude is not going to give up trying to scam $900 out of someone on Facebook. But today is not his day.

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