Mayhaps The Most Irresponsible Gun Owner Ever Leaves Loaded Rifle In Baby’s Crib

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shutterstock_58985857__1375442428_74.134.205.46I’ve got twenty bucks riding on the fact that before the day is out some gun-lovin’ person will comment on here:


Because ‘Mericuh. Anyway, as I have said before, I know there are many responsible gun owners out there who will be as appalled by this story as the rest of us. A mom in St. Peters, Missouri is facing multiple counts of child abuse after police arrived at her home because neighbors complained they witnessed her 22-month-old baby tied to her garage. With a rope. You know, like you would do with a dog if you were a super abusive pet owner. From The Daily Mail:

When officers arrived at the home – located in the 1300 block of Cave Springs Estates – the toddler was no longer tied to the garage, but Dudley admitted that she’d used rope as a harness for the child and tied it to the garage to keep the child from going into the street.

When officers entered the home, they found several prescription pills on a dresser in the baby’s bedroom. Dudley told the officers that she didn’t know what they were, but they’d been on the floor, so picked them up and put them on the dresser. She said she stole them from her mother and brother hoping they would help her get to sleep.

 I think we need to have an open thread about who steals drugs from their mom. Anyway..


Moving on from the prescription drugs, officers looked in the baby’s crib and found the loaded rifle just sitting on top of the sheets.

Dudley explained to the officers that she thought she heard someone in the backyard, so she grabbed the gun hoping she would scare off any possible intruders.When Dudley realized there was nobody in the yard, she left the rifle in the crib – she told police she was ‘too tired’ to put the gun in its proper place.


Listen, I’m not going to be all judgy here, because we all know how exhausting being a mom can be and we call get really tired BUT WAIT I am going to be judgy because not putting the clean dishes away because you are tired is one thing, but not putting your loaded rifle away and leaving it in your kid’s crib is a whole other mess of totally irresponsible parenting. And to make things worth, the police also realized the home was covered in mold, mud, cigarette butts and feces, and that the baby had dog scratches all over her legs and flea bites. And the toddler had bruises on her body “from discipline.”

It’s such a sad story and the baby and toddler have been removed from the home. I suppose I can’t be too awful to this woman because maybe mental illness is involved, I have no idea, but I am being so secretly mean to her in my head that I have lightning bolts coming out of my ears.

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