This Mom Who Gave Birth On A Plane Wins The Birth Story Olympics

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suitcase infantSecretly all moms think their own birth story is the best one, because it resulted in the children we love so dearly(except when they try to make the living room a beach by dragging sand in from the porch, but that’s another post). But even the most boastful among us must hand over the Best Baby Story crown to Ada Guan, who gave birth this past Mother’s Day while on an airplane. Still not willing to bow down and ready to blame her for getting on a plane when she was that close to her due date? Get this- Guan didn’t even know she was pregnant.

Global News reports that this past Sunday, Guan was traveling on a ten hour flight with Air Canada  from Calgary, Alberta, to Tokyo, Japan, with her boyfriend Wesley Branch. A couple hours into the flight, Guan started to have stomach pains. Fortunately, there were two doctors on board the flight, and they moved Guan up to business class and tried to assist her with an IV and some Tylenol.

Before you go make up an ice pack for your lady parts in solidarity with Guan for coping with the intensity of contractions with nothing stronger than what I use for a strained calf muscle, she delivered this baby like a boss. Branch told Global News that delivery was quick and seemingly easy:

She told me, ‘Something fell out of me,’ I lifted up her pants, and I saw a head, and then I heard, ‘Wah.’ I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I think we have a kid.’

The couple claims they had no knowledge of the pregnancy. Guan had recently gained some weight, but when she took a pregnancy test it was negative. She had been to the doctor recently and the pregnancy still went undetected.

The other passengers on board claim they didn’t know anything was amiss until the pilot announced the addition to the passenger manifest over the intercom.

Since the birth of their daughter, the couple has learned that Guan was around 37 weeks pregnant when she went onto labor The baby, who they named Chloe, is healthy and the family has been released from the hospital. Their initial plans to sight see have obviously been derailed, and the jury is still out on whether Guan can call the trip a babymoon when she didn’t know she were pregnant and had the baby while on vacation.

So forget your shiny baubles, your flowers and the delicious breakfasts in bed you got this weekend. Guan beat us all with the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

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