Woman Gives Birth In Moving Car, Dad Captures It On Film While Driving

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give birth in moving carWe’ve heard some pretty crazy birth stories lately, including the one about a New Jersey woman who last week gave birth on a PATH train headed for New York City. Then there’s Amber Miller, the Chicago woman who popped out a baby mere hours after running a 26-mile marathon.

The latest mom to give birth in a rather unexpected manner is first-time mom Jennifer Russell. What makes her story so remarkable is not only that she gave birth in the front seat of a moving car after just one push, but also that her husband managed to film the whole thing while simultaneously driving.

Jennifer and her husband Zachary Russell were on their way to a birthing center in Mansfield, Texas, when Jennifer’s water broke. That was at minute 15 of a 45-minute drive. Moments later, her baby was born. Jennifer even unwrapped the cord from the baby girl’s neck and calmly call 911.

“By the time my water broke, I pushed once and she was out,” Russell told ABC News. “I didn’t think it was going to happen that fast.”

Zachary, meanwhile, whipped out his video camera with one hand on the wheel and captured the moment. (And here we’re not even allowed to text at a red light!)

The couple posted their video to YouTube, and it’s pretty crazy. You can hear Zachary saying, “Ohmigod, ohmigod,” while Jennifer pushes out the baby like she’s some sort of pro (really, it’s insane how calm she is!). Jennifer holds the baby up to her chest with one hand and dials 911 on the her cell phone with the other. “I just had a baby in the car,” she tells the 911 operator.

Most women have way more warning before their baby is going to come, especially first-time mos like Jennifer. But there are always exceptions, as we can see. Thankfully, mom and baby – they named her Willow –  are both doing really well.

Check the YouTube video below if you’re so inclined (warning: it might make you squirmy).

[youtube_iframe id=”b3mjS7nNQ_U”]