As A Mom, I Would Totally Decapitate Myself If I Had Flesh Eating Maggots In My Ear

shutterstock_111536729On Mommyish, we are always supposed to have a PARENTING angle to what we write about, and Koa, my lovely and amazing boss who I adore beyond words, will sometimes gently scold me if I don’t have a STRONG PARENTING ANGLE and there are times when I NEED to write about something and I may not be able to directly relate it to parenting but if I don’t TELL YOU GUYS about it my head may explode.

Here is my parenting angle, my daughter walked in the room when I was watching the accompanying video to this story and I yelled “Nuuuuuuu, Mommy is working baby you gotta leave for a minute!!!!” because I’m scared if she heard or saw the video she may never go outside again, which I also may never dooooo. ZOMG you guys. OK, I need to collect myself. This information comes via The Daily Mail and I know some of you get eye-rolly when I link to them but let me assure you it comes from The Discovery Channel and we KNOW the Discovery Channel never lies to us!!!!! Also, my other parenting angle is that so many of us are at home with kids and if we can’t all BUG out (see what I did there?!) about stories like this than who can we talk to? So gather around with me all ye parents and let’s embrace each other as I tell you of this horrific tale of the 27-year-old British woman who went on vacation in Peru and returned home with a HORRIBLE souvenir! Via The Daily Mail:

A woman has spoken of her terror at discovering that she harboured flesh-eating maggots inside her ear.

When Rochelle Harris, 27, from Derby, returned from the holiday of a lifetime in Peru, she thought little of the headaches that she had started to develop on the flight back to the UK.

But within hours she had developed excruciating shooting pains down one side of her face and had started to hear strange scratching sounds in her head. The next morning she woke to a pillow soaked with fluid from her ear.

[brightcove_vid playerid=”9″ flashvars=”videoId=2547579477001&,AAAAAFSL1bg~,CmS1EFtcMWELN_eSE9A7gpcGWF5XAVmI&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true”]

Do you guys understand this? She had SCRATCHING sounds in her head and they were maggots! Please someone tell me what can be worse than maggots IN YOUR HEAD. I cannot think of anything.

Rochelle said that as her ear was being examined, the ENT specialist went silent.

The doctor had found a small hole in the ear canal which needed further investigation but would not explain what the problem was.

GAHHHHHHHHHH, that is the worst! She was all “Excuse me, can you please tell me WUT is in my ear and the doctor was all quiet. GAHHHHHHHHH.

My Mum said “Please tell us” and that’s when the doctor said “You’ve got maggots in your ear”. I burst into tears instantly.’

Doctors tried to get the maggots out but the more medics delved into her ear, the more the larvae retreated into Rochelle’s head.

Burst into tears? At that point I would have been all EXCUSE ME DOCTOR DO YOU HAVE AN AXE I CAN BORROW I NEED TO REMOVE MY OWN HEAD.

The story goes on to explain how poor Rachel went home to see if the treatment worked and the next day doctors found an additional FAMILY (Parenting angle Koa!!) of maggots had moved deeper into her head but anyway Rachel is now fine and we can all watch this show together on July 21 on the Discovery Channel and by “watch it” I mean watch three minutes of it before we turn off the TV screaming or mute the volume or something.

This is the worst. I hate nature.

(Photo: ArtFamily/shutterstock)

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