Woman Fakes Own Kidnapping to Make Husband, Kids Prove Their Love

From time to time, it’s normal to fantasize about disappearing. It’s especially normal when one’s labor feels largely invisible. “If I just vanished, how long would it take my partner and kids to be totally buried in un-bought birthday presents, un-signed permission slips, un-kissed boo-boos, and empty toilet paper rolls?” But while that sort of thing might be normal as a fantasy, it’s not something one should ever actually act upon. But last month one mother reportedly faked her own kidnapping, leaving her distraught husband and kids to think she’d been abducted by violent criminals.

According to Shanghaiist, a 43-year-old housewife from Chongqing, China, disappeared from her husband and two daughters for two weeks. They called her phone constantly, in an understandable panic, but she didn’t pick up. When she finally contacted them, she sobbed and screamed, saying she’d been kidnapped and was being held captive by abductors.

Her panicked family immediately called the police, who launched a search and rescue mission through the area.

One of the daughters even got on the phone with the “abductor” and begged him to let her mother go, but she was really talking to her own mom, who just stayed quiet while her distraught daughter sobbed for her mother.

Police eventually honed in on the woman’s former brother-in-law, who lived in the area and worked as a miner. Police began to suspect that the brother-in-law had kidnapped the woman and was keeping her prisoner in a mine somewhere. They searched the mines, but did not find her.

Then one of the policemen reportedly saw the woman just casually walking around the town where the brother-in-law lived, cool as can be.

The poor brother-in-law was pretty stunned by the police arrival, because he said he’d thought his former sister-in-law was just staying with him while she looked for work. He said he had no idea she’d been running a cruel con on her family the whole time.

When police asked her what the hell she was doing, she said her husband was always kind and treated her well and they didn’t argue.

“I just wanted to test him and see how much he loves me,” she told police. It remains to be seen how much her husband will still love her after it turns out she tortured him and their kids with a fake kidnapping.

She was detained for 10 days for causing all the trouble and leading police on a wild goose chase for no reason.

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