Women Scoops Out Her Own Twins During A C-Section And I Just Can’t With This Right Now

c-section41-year-old Gerri Wolfe was devastated when she learned that due to complications in her 36th week of pregnancy, she would be forced to deliver the twins she was carrying via c-section. The mother of 11 had experienced four other such procedures and found them clinical, sterile, and impersonal. So she decided to take charge of her surgical birth by becoming a more active participant in it and pulling her own babies out of her body during the surgery. How is this even allowed? I’ll be right back, I feel a little faint.

Wolfe did a little research online and learned that there exists a procedure called a “maternal assisted┬ácaesarean.” It’s much like a typical caesarean, only at the end of the procedure the mother reaches into her own body and lifts out the infant. I’ve heard of diagnosing yourself online but this is going way too far. This is why Google is the enemy.

Wolfe told the Daily Mail that her doctor was reluctant in the beginning, but she managed to convince him. “It’s my body, it’s my birth, it’s my baby,” she said. Funny, no one ever says, “it’s my body, my wisdom teeth, I’ll be assisting the dentist.” Or, “it’s my body, my gall bladder, hand me the scalpel.”

Well, it is her body. If she wants to see beyond the blue curtain, more power to her I guess. I’m in the camp of pretending nothing exists beyond that curtain and a baby magically appears during that time that I can’t feel my body. I’m clearly a wimp.

Wolfe felt that this was what she needed to “reclaim her birth” and “make her a good mother.” Good for her, honestly. I’m all for taking control of you body. But the idea of this just terrifies me. It’s totally not the same as pulling a baby out of the birth canal. There are organs involved here, and a giant, gaping wound.

The Daily Mail has the photo spread too, so you’re in luck. The babies are adorable. The image of her pulling the baby out of her own body will not be something I soon forget.

(photo: Reynardt/ Shutterstock)

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