Woman Delivers Baby In Car On Way To Hospital, Hides It From Husband So He Won’t Freak

shutterstock_147213641__1378557096_142.196.156.251Some men really do freak when women go into labor. Maybe not all men, but mine did, which is why I totally believe this woman gave birth to a baby in the car en route to the hospital and then attempted to hide it under her dress so her husband wouldn’t panic and crash.

Katrena Leonard admits she probably waited a little to long to head to the hospital. While her husband, Terrance, was driving 80mph to get her there, the baby emerged:

”I thought I had time,” Katrena Leonard told WSB-TV in Atlanta. ”I was just holding the dress with her inside so that [my husband] couldn’t see. I didn’t want him to wreck.”

Um, what? I admit to being a little more cool and collected than my husband during the birth of our first child – but catching the baby in my dress and then acting like, hey – no big. I’m not that cool. I didn’t think anyone was.

I ended up at the hospital after a routine appointment in my 41st week of pregnancy – my husband wasn’t with me. When I called to let him know to head to the hospital, he left the house without his wallet and headed into Manhattan. Our hospital was in Brooklyn. When he realized he made a mistake, he realized he had no money to get back on the subway and started walking to Brooklyn – from midtown Manhattan. It never occurred to him to ask someone to swipe him into the subway because his wife was in labor. Thankfully, he ran into a friend who did just that.

Leonard admits to trying to scold the baby while she was on her way out of the womb, saying “No!” Ha. That cracks me up. No baby! This is the worst timing ever! You’re going to push daddy over the edge! 

Everyone is safe and healthy and both daddy’s sanity and the car are still intact. Good job, mom.

(photo: MichaelJayBerlin/ Shutterstock)

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