Neighborhood Weirdo Is Accused Of Approaching Children Clad With A Ski Mask And Chainsaw

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chainsawLynn Marie Herzog either truly loathes children or has a very twisted sense of humor. If some neighborhood brats are sassing you, I would advise many alternatives. But it’s worth pointing out that none of them involve a chainsaw. reports that the 50-year-old of Winfield, Missouri has been accused of approaching two children while wearing a ski mask and holding a chainsaw. Do note that the chainsaw was not on. The mother of one of the children, Patricia Manker, claims to have witnessed the incident and adds that Herzog was also yelling at the kids, chainsaw in hand.

Reports state that Herzog was intending to scare the kids and has been known to photograph and videotape other children in the neighborhood. Because that’s not concerning. She has since been charged with felony harassment and is currently in jail on $10,000 bond. No lawyer has reportedly been retained by Herzog at this time.

Manker maintains that she did not actually believe the kids were in danger while this alleged creepy kid videotaper was approaching her son with a non-working chainsaw while yelling. BUT, she called the police anyway.

Probably a good call.

(photo: trabachar / Shutterstock)