Wine Aisle Grocery Store Brawl Erupts Amid Coronavirus Panic-Buying (Video)

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Wine Aisle Grocery Store Brawl Erupts Amid Coronavirus Panic-Buying (Video)


Grocery stores across America have erupted in chaos thanks to Coronavirus, but a Sam’s Club in Hiram, Georgia saw even more mayhem when two patrons got into a fight in the wine aisle. Per reports, two men swung broken wine bottles after their carts clashed.

A Twitter video with one million views shows the two men brawling. Later, police and paramedics are seen wheeling a man on the stretcher, though police confirmed there were no major injuries.

Though there were initial reports that the fight broke out due to limited water, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer stock, according to police, this is not accurate. The brawl erupted when one person’s motorized shopping cart bumped into a couple’s cart holding their child. The kid’s mom felt that it was purposeful and slapped the guy in the face. Her partner then continued the fight after the other man pulled a wine bottle for defense, picked up one of his own and the two men proceeded to go at it. Several onlookers watched and police were called soon after. All three who participated in the fight will be charged, according to police.

“The altercation continued after the bottles were broken, causing lacerations to both parties,” the police said in a statement, per AOL. The fight ended with both men on the ground among the broken glass.

As previously mentioned, grocery stores are currently in pandemonium as people prepare for Coronavirus to hit their cities and cause quarantines. Many shared photos of empty aisles where toilet paper, pasta, and canned soup used to be and some stores have begun putting caps on how many of certain items customers may purchase. Additionally, toilet paper and hand sanitizer are back-ordered on Amazon. Some believe the hysteria is unfounded, but others, who have been following the state of emergency in Italy, believe that the worst is yet to come.