WikiBear Is Here To Creep You Out And Talk To Your Kids For You

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Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.36.10 PMToy Fair 2014 is going on in New York right now, and as you can imagine there are some favorites. WikiBear, a new plush toy with a bluetooth connection, will entertain your children for hours. Just kidding! This bear won’t entertain your child at all. He is the stuff of nightmares and a major fail. It’s like Siri’s terrible personality has been shoved into a sad-looking bear. There may be a few upsides to this purchase though.

For one, you can defer all of those awkward kid questions to him, since his creators have dubbed him the “smartest bear ever.” Questions like: Where do babies come from? What was that weird noise coming from my parents bedroom last night? Why? Why can’t I drink mommy’s special juice? Why? What is “unplanned? Why?

Can you imagine just being able to shove this bear in your kid’s face every time he asks you something you don’t have an answer for/ want to answer? Although I find this bear off-putting and generally creepy, that’s something I may be able to overlook for that kind of convenience. The guy that’s pitching him sort of looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, which worries me a little:

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 3.20.17 PMA writer from Popular Science reports that this is only an early prototype and “we’re promised its voice and responsiveness will sound less, uh, terrifying when the final product comes out later this year.”

Seriously. It’s great that he can help out with my parenting by talking to my children for me, but can he do it in a less creepy voice, please?

(photo: YouTube)