Our New Role Model Listed Her Husband For Sale On Facebook For Forgetting Mother’s Day

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for sale signWhen spouses argue, there’s generally a pattern. Some go to separate corners to sulk until they get over it, others choose to not go to bed angry and stay up to fight until the issue is resolved. You’ll find the occasional outlier who believes threatening her husband with a gun will do the trick, but for many, passive aggressive is the preferred way to express just how much the person you love most is making you see red.

Social media provides the perfect outlet for the passive aggressive partner, giving you both a soapbox and large audience of friends with whom to tell your tale. In the ultimate inspired passive aggressive move, a Florida woman listed her husband for sale on Facebook after he failed to acknowledge Mother’s Day last weekend.

Katie and Chris Bouyea live in Juniper, Flordia. Katie told local news station WPTV  that although he’s otherwise a great husband, this year Chris completely dropped the ball on Mother’s Day. We’re not talking about a mom who’s upset that she didn’t get a particular Pandora charm or brunch at the fancy place in town– Chris forgot to acknowledge the day period, and all Katie was hoping for was a thank you and a handmade card.

Frustrated, she listed her husband for sale on Facebook. The ad, which she posted in a local mom’s group, read as follows:

For sale, best offer. Hubby who couldn’t be bothered to wish me Happy Mother’s Day or do anything special for me yesterday,” the ad reads. “One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure. Has 8 years of marriage mileage so somewhat broke in.

The post attracted many comments and shares and quickly started to garner media attention.

Although public shaming isn’t the greatest way to address issues in your marriage, Katie gets a pass for this one because along with venting her frustrations, the goal of her post was also to raise funds for her friends, the Myers family, who have a young son in a wheelchair due to Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The Myers have extensive medical bills as a result of their son’s condition. Katie does what she can to help by selling things via online garage sale. Sadly, although people got a good chuckle out of the joke, and the couple was interviewed on the local news, the highest offer Katie received from the public was twenty bucks. Her husband protested that was far too little based on his skill set of cooking, cleaning, mopping floors, washing dishes and painting, to which millions of moms everywhere say, “Tell us about it.”

But Katie’s clever post wasn’t all for naught. Thanks to all the media coverage, a healthcare company called Collaborate MD Family learned about the story and as of yesterday, donated $10,000 towards the Myers outstanding medical bills.

Chris will likely never forget another’s Mother’s Day, but in case he does this again next year, there’s always Craigslist.

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