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Wife Gets Revenge After Husband Refers to Her as ‘Sandwich Maker’

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(Reddit / vollkoemmenes)

You know, if you’re a person who is lucky enough to have a spouse pack you a lunch, you’d damn well better treat them nicely. One man clearly forgot this most basic form of human decency and his wife was not here for it.

Reddit user Vollkoemmenes is going to be making his own sandwiches after this bonehead move. According to his post on the subreddit r/funny, he called his wife a sandwich maker while she was making his lunch for work. Bro. For real? What were you thinking? His wife didn’t think he was so funny, and got some pretty “tasty” revenge.

HA! An unwrapped piece of American cheese is a pretty fantastic way to get back at your idiot husband.


But she went a step further:

Damn right she’s not sorry! But her husband had better be.

Next time, maybe just say, “Oh beautiful wife, thank you for packing me a lunch even though I am a grown-ass man with two working hands who is certainly capable of making my own sandwich!” Honestly, I think this guy got off easy. If my husband made that comment to me, I’d have packed him a delicious saliva sandwich. Revenge comes in many forms, I hope Vollkoemmenes remembers that.