10 Reasons Why I Miss Getting My Period

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3. No bloating.

Back in the days when I surfed the crimson wave, if my pants were feeling a bit tight I could be kind to myself because it could just be that I was bloated. But now, if my jeans won’t button I know I have no one to blame but myself and all those late night bowls of ice cream.

4. I don’t know who the alpha female is.

My bestie may have been president of our sorority back when we were in college, but she who sets the biological clocks of other females is truly the one in charge. I don’t mind playing Gretchen Wieners to someone else’s Regina George, but without a period I don’t know who the queen bee is.

5. Being on my period was a handy excuse to avoid sex.

I know, I know, a woman never needs a reason to not have sex if she doesn’t want to. And my husband is fantastic about being sensitive to my needs, or lack thereof. But it was nice to have a reason to say no that couldn’t be construed as rejection, even if those feelings of guilt are all in my head.

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