Here’s How White People Are Reacting To The Idea That Their Days As The Majority Are Numbered

I’m not sure if it’s the current state of events or what, but the racists are crawling out of their holes and proudly displaying their vile, archaic ideologies all over the internet these days.

William H. Frey, the author of the book Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America, penned an op-ed for Newsweek a few days ago, in which he explained that the changing demographics of the American population into one that is less white, will actually be better for America. It’s headline was, America Is Getting Less White, And That Will Save It.  A lot of white people do not like that message.

Frey explains that the changing face of the population will “invigorate” the country:

“…a growing diverse, globally connected minority population will be absolutely necessary to infuse the aging American labor force with vitality and to sustain populations in many parts of the country that are facing population declines. Rather than being feared, America’s new diversity””poised to reinvigorate the country at a time when other developed nations are facing advanced aging and population loss””can be celebrated.”

Vitality is good, no? He also explains that moving away from a “majority” will make the fight for equality in all things easier for groups of people who will no longer be considered “minorities.” Basically, as we become more racially diverse and birth more multicultural families — there will be less of a divide and we will move toward all different cultures of people being equally represented in government. Great, right? Not if you’re a whiny racist. There are people who not only don’t believe equality is a good thing, they have no problem commenting about it next to photos of themselves on their Facebook pages. Wow.

I think websites actually believed for a time that people would be less vile online if their comments were tied to their online identity. I am confident in declaring that we were all wrong about that. Proud racists are proud racists. They don’t care if you can link through their comments to pictures of little Jimmy playing t-ball.

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No round-up of dumb racist tweets would be complete without a “THANKS OBAMA!”

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