A White Dad Was Suspected Of Kidnapping His Own Biracial Daughters By Walmart Security And It’s Just Another Reason To Boycott Walmart

White Dad Accused Of Kidnapping Black Daughters At Walmart I’m so happy we have concerned citizens in this world like the Walmart customer who was so troubled by the idea that a white man could have three black daughters that they sent the police over to his house to make sure he did not kidnap them. Especially considering the children were doing things that children who are obviously in danger do, like pulling on the white man’s arms and calling him “Daddy” and not acting scared or upset when they were with him. The multiracial population has increased by almost 50 percent, so chances are when you see a child of another race with an adult it’s quite possible that this child should be with this adult. But I guess this concerned citizen in Woodbridge, Virginia just felt that the children “didn’t fit” with the man they were with. From The Daily Mail:

”˜Did he just ask us if these were out kids,’ Joseph’s wife Keana, who is black, recalled wondering, in an interview with Fox 5 DC.

But she knew the answer. The officer from Prince William County Sheriff’s Department had been sent to determine if the three little girls, a 4-year-old and 2-year-old twins, were Joseph’s.

”˜He asks us very sincerely, ”Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,”’ Joseph said.

Someone at the department store had apparently seen Joseph with the girls and called police with a concerned that he’d kidnapped them.  

The officer went so far as to question one of the kids after the couple of almost 10 years confirmed they were, in fact, their children.

”˜I was dumbfounded,’ says Keana. ”˜He took my ID and asked my 4-year-old to point out who her mother and father were.’

On one hand, it’s nice that people are concerned about the welfare of kids and that they want to make sure all kids are safe and not being kidnapped, but come on, how stupid are these people? First of all, children who are kidnapped are probably not going to be brought out in public with their kidnapper to a busy department store, and second of all, have these people never had children of their own because who the hell would kidnap three children including a four-year-old and a set of twins? I’m exhausted just looking at the family. This family has vowed never to shop at Walmart again, and who can blame them? Between their racist security guards and their refusal to join the Bangladesh accord, I think we can all buy our paper towels elsewhere.

(Image: Fox News 5)

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