Which Trimester Do You Finally Get Your Sex Drive Back?

Pregnancy is rough. Seriously, even if you are having the best pregnancy, there is bound to be some way that it messes with you a little bit. Maybe you have nausea. Perhaps it shows itself in the fact that you can not stop thinking about stuffed-crust pizza. Or maybe your libido has died. All of those things, in their own way, are annoying and if you’re part of the later crowd where you have lost all interest in doing things, you’re probably wondering which trimester do you get your sex drive back? Does it come back? Is this norrrrmal?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you and all the answers you seek. Well, what I mean is we can answer which trimester do you get your sex drive back.

Sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause, who spoke to Romper, says that if you’re feeling this way you are not alone. Not having a sex drive, especially in the beginning of pregnancy, is totally common.

“Overwhelmingly, sex drive drops in the first trimester,” Prause says. “This is attributable, in part, to many women experiencing nausea during this time.”

So when does it come back? Prause explains that according to many studies, the second trimester is where your sex drive may actually increase above baseline, “that is, where it was before the woman became pregnant,” Prause adds.

Caitlin Hoff, a Health and Safety Investigator for ConsumerSafety.org, who also spoke to Romper, says the same thing. ”Generally, though not always, a woman’s sex drive will return during her second trimester.” Adding, ”Understandably, it is a whole lot easier for a woman to accept her new found curves and feel sexy again without the vomiting or fatigue from her first trimester,” she explains.

Hoff continues saying, ”As we noted above, her first trimester is a mess of hormones and discomfort. While these symptoms typically subside during her second trimester, that is not always the case. A woman might still experience pregnancy symptoms, making sex the last thing on her mind. She might also just not feel comfortable in her new body. It can be hard for a pregnant woman to adjust to the changes in her body and feel sexy. If she isn’t into it, sex can be a painful or intolerable experience. In the third trimester, a woman may again experience a low libido as she grows bigger and sex becomes more difficult.”

So… there you go. If you’re in the mood, it’s not a big deal. If you are in the mood, that’s totally awesome. There is no right answer or timeframe because each of us is different. If you’re not in the mood, cool. If it’s all you want, cool. All that is normal.

What happened in your case? Let us know in the comments!

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