Young Bully Makes Video ‘When White People Piss Black People Off’ Depicting Horrific Victimization Of A Toddler

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This is how bullies are created. This is everything we talk about when we talk about bullying and social media and how we can keep our kids safe online and how we can raise them to be decent humans who don’t victimize other kids. A dad in Minneapolis answered the door to his neighbor, another father who wanted to apologize after a video showing his three-year-old daughter Mackenzie being bullied to tears was posted online. The video was originally posted to Facebook and entitled “When White People Piss Black People Off Part 1.”

The video, filmed by one of the father’s (He is referred to as “Eddie“) 12-year-old sons, shows the young boy suggesting the even younger girls in the video hit Mackenzie, spit on her, and throw her toy. It’s incredibly hard to watch, so please, view at your own risk.

WARNING- Upsetting Footage:

After the video was uploaded to Facebook it was then uploaded to Live where it quickly went viral, and both sets of parents were identified and received hundreds of phone calls. The dad of the instigator in the video even received death threats. From My Fox Twin Cities:

Shawn told FOX 9 News he had no idea his daughter was the toddler who was bullied in the video until the father of the bullies came over to apologize.

“He’s taking care of it. Trust me,” Shawn told FOX 9. “He’s a good father and everything like that, so I’m not worried about what he’s doing over there.”

Many who watched the online video — which has been viewed more than a 250,000 times — assumed it was a clear case of racially-motivated bullying, but parents in both families say it’s not.

“I honestly don’t know where it comes from. We don’t teach that in our household,” Eddie, the father of the girls involved, said. “We’re not racist, none of that.”

Both dads say their children usually play together and get along well, and they say viewers have blown the footage out of proportion and made it into something bigger than what it really is.

The video was shot by Eddie’s 12-year-old son, and it shows his 5-year-old daughter bringing the younger girl to tears.

It’s horrific. I’m totally appalled by this, and it seems like the dad of the kid who made this video is too. In the article the dad claims that his son is grounded from his computer. Local police stopped by both homes to make sure there wasn’t a bigger problem. I think all the kids involved need counseling, especially the older ones, to make sure they fully understand why their behavior was wrong. That videotaping kid is a monster. That kid needs therapy to teach him that what he did was despicable, and the little girls he is egging on needs therapy to deal with being manipulated by an older kid this way. It breaks my heart that Mackenzie’s dad claims that all the little girls usually play nice together and for one that is much younger to have her older friends turn on her this way HAS to be hard for her to deal with, especially regarding trust and feeling safe amongst her friends. And if you notice in the video the young kid in glasses shows off a cartwheel and the video taping kid answers “you suck man.” What a little creep. It’s wrong that the bully’s dad is being threatened, but I do think more action needs to be taken so he knows how to deal with his son. Taking away his computer is great and all but I think it’s a bigger issue than just that. You can see an interview with both dads here: KMSP-TV.

One aspect that really bothers me is you can hear an older woman calling for Mackenzie in the video. If it is the mom, why didn’t she march on down there and see why her baby was crying? It’s hard to tell from the background noise, but it also seems like one of the kids is trying to tell someone what is going on. Also, the fact the video was called “Part 1” scares me to death. Was the kid planning on this being a series?

I think some anti-bullying classes and some counseling is needed all around. And I want to see a new video of all these little kids playing nice together, because I am sure they do. But not including Eddie’s son, I don’t wanna see that kid unless he is starring in an anti-bullying PSA.

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