When Toddlers Dress Themselves

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It’s a good feeling, walking into daycare with my daughter in a reasonably-matching and practically-clean outfit. If I’m really lucky, she won’t have paired it with rain boots. Better yet, her hair might be done. It means that I won my morning battle. No matter how much my little girl protested, she wore the outfit I had laid out for her.

Not every mother has been so lucky. I smile knowingly at the woman whose son has on a cape and belt with his sweatpants. I nod at the man whose daughter is wearing purple leggings under what appears to have been her Easter dress. Extra points if she’s wearing socks and sandals, as well. These poor guys gave in. Somewhere between their alarm and walking out the door, they lost the morning outfit debate. Their children ran into their rooms and threw on whatever inspiration dictated.

Don’t worry guys.  It happens to the best of us. I’ve put together a few examples of what can happen when your toddlers decide to dress themselves.


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