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Parenting With A Stomach Bug In 9 Easy Steps

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shutterstock_194246996Being under the weather is always tough, but it’s a particular breed of awful when you still have young kids to take care of. Even though all you want is to collapse into a pile of blanket and an HGTV marathon until it’s all over, you still have little people to entertain, keep safe and nurse through their own illnesses because let’s face it, when one family member gets sick, it’s just a matter of time until you’re all out of commission.

Step One- Denial. After dealing with the bodily fluids of your sick child, (who knew something so small had a stomach that could hold so much? ) you meticulously scrub your hands and decide to reward yourself with a well deserved double-fudge brownie before passing out while hate-watching House Hunters. When your stomach starts to protest you tell yourself it’s just because you’re getting to old to eat rich junk right before bedtime.

Step Two- Putting Your Needs First. You’re pulled out of sleep by the sound of your child crying over the monitor. From the noises they’re making it appears they still aren’t feeling well. As you fall out of bed you realize you’re in trouble too, so you wake your partner to put them on kid duty. Meanwhile you stumble to the bathroom and hope this will be a false alarm.

Step Three- Doing unspeakable things to your poor toilet. You knew going into being a parent that kids get sick a lot, but you never made the connection that you’d get their germs as well. When you’re hugging cold porcelain at 3 am this feels like a glaring oversight.

Step Four- Optimism. There’s no possible way you could puke anymore. You check on the kids, who are sleeping again thanks to Tylenol, and then pass out until the morning.

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